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Piccolo Teatro Milano


12 June 2018


Giuliano Sangiorgi, Nuova Composizione per l’opera


Carlo Cerri


Francesca Messori


Pasquale Plastino

When I studied the text, one image led to another (as happens with Shakespeare’s work, in a continual domino effect) allowing the imagination to expand.

One of the things I was most fascinated by was the island, where a father (Prospero) and a daughter (Miranda) spend twelve years together with non-human beings and far from any forms of civilization. Just like in a journey, at every stage the body and movement change and develop,
drawing the public into a magical world at the centre of which is Caliban, Prospero’s servant, linked to Miranda by a relationship that transforms over the years.

“what a heavy burden I had to be then for you.” Miranda
“A cherub you were, who sustained me in life, while I covered the sea with very bitter drops, moaning under my grave burden. Then you rekindled an arcane courage in me, who armed me and reinvigorated me against future trials.” Prospero

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18 June 2018
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The choreographer Giuseppe Spota and the playwright Pasquale Plastino for Aterballetto managed to recreate the emotions that the text produces in the reader.

Show well packaged and attention to detail: the costumes are painted on the dancers who play the tribe of indigenous people all around Calibano, the skillful dosage of pax de deux and group choreography where the interdependence Prospero-Miranda stands out.

The original music of Giuliano Sangiorgi is all an orchestration of motifs ranging from the symphonic to the progressive house, passing through the ambient and the techno-electronic. We are convinced that this very suggestive show will win awards because it is able to embody the myth of words with the power of images and sounds like the dialectic path.

We can really say that yesterday with Shakespeare and with Strehler, today with Plastino and Spota, the intent is still to sublimate the art that has the destiny to continue being made "of the same stuff that dreams are made of" and for this reason always enchants.



13 June 2018
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An hour and a quarter of suggestions and emotions. An extraordinary work that makes consciences vibrate.

This new variation on the Shekspirian theme, this is certainly in the top ten of genius.
This work is like shells abandoned on the beach.
At the end what remains, is the storm fragments that each one carries with him.



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Prospero and little Miranda arrive at the island of Calibano after a pas de deus of great physical impact that shakes the viewer, vehemently capturing his attention.

Beautiful is the idea that lead the group of natives in a tribal dance to salute the shipwrecks, like the childlike curiosity of Miranda for Caliban.
Seventy minutes of minimal alphabet full of colors and passion.

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