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National Theater Mannheim


National Theater Mannheim


6 January 2018


Igor Stravinskij


Nicole Berry, Giuseppe Spota


Eleni Chava

Sound design

Hanna Green


Giuseppe Spota

How many times we”crash in love” for somebody that doesn’t feel it in the same way that we feel. We drive and we spin our heart so fast without having any speed limit, any “security”, any “airbags”.

The same feeling that Petrushka felt for his pure and unpaid love. The same love that crashed his heart in front an empty wall.

Do we need to put “speed limit” when we are in love with somebody? Like a Crash Test Dummies are we ready for all the types of crashes ?

Se fiamma d’amore
Già mai non sentì
Quel riggido core
Ch’il cor mi rapì,
Se nega pietate
La cruda beltate
Che l’alma invaghì:
Ben fia che dolente,
Pentita e languente
Sospirimi un dì.

– Claudio Monteverdi – Si dolce è ‘l tormento

Press conferences.


The Italian is one of the exceptional talents who can join an impeccable dancer career in an equally promising career as a choreographer.

Spota himself created stage space with movable giant perforated plates, in which paper tubes stuck, creating a perfect artificial world in which the dummies skillfully cut their limbs.

Mannheimer Morgen


8 January 2018
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Choreographically exciting and beautiful to look at.

Die Rheinpfalz

"Petrushka" from Giuseppe Spota;This is where the heart of the evening beats.

Promoted as a young talent by Thoss, his talent for ensemble scenes once again proves that he has come up with a great stage effect. Another hint of Pina Bausch.


8 January 2018
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The Italian is one of the exceptional talents who can join an immaculate dance career as an equally promising choreographer career.

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