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Four Seasons
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National theater Mannheim-Thoss company


National Theater Mannheim


11 January 2019


Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons


Nicole Berry, Giuseppe Spota


Giuseppe Spota

Sound design

Hanna Green


Giuseppe Spota

Human beings are in constant search; we invent, we try to find new ideas to adapt in every contest but likewise we destroy.
We do not notice how much impact we are having on our planet. The same planet that we call “home”.
Nature is already having its counter-response and its “adaptation” to all the transformations that man is imposing on it.

If we think of the same four seasons, we can now say that there is no longer an exact order.
Warm winters, stormy summers, and almost no springtime are all causes of perpetually increasing pollution. Pollution due to the hand of the same man, who continues to be superficial on the consequences that it may cause.

Press conferences.

Sylvia Staude

15 January 2019
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The "One Four Seasons", lasting about an hour, is his third major work in Mannheim.
Again, after a "Petrushka" demonstrates a good hand for the equipment, the plastic objects are impressive.

Stefan M.

14 January 2019
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How beautiful the ensemble is. Whether alone, in pas de deux or in dynamic groups. Spota succeeds in the sense of both, the merging of the company into a homogeneous unity and the acceptance of individual forms of expression.

Spota, in his never boring choreography, leaves no doubt that the world is in turmoil, that there is a rebellion of nature against civilization.


14 January 2019
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With his work, Spota has created a connection with the increasingly performing art concept of the Kunsthalle.

Mannheimers are lucky.

24 March 2019
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A reflection of the broken relationship between man and nature. For this tension, Spota, a choreographer with overflowing images, has invented surprising things ...

Between amazing beauty and beauty and spirit, the piece maintains its tension until the end.

Claudia Ihlefeld

24 January 2019
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Giuseppe Spota is an unrestrained narrator with exuberant fantasy and is responsible not only for the dance but also for the stage and costumes of the seasons.

Arnim Bauer

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It was a real pleasure offered to dance lovers.
Great talent, who also strongly encouraged the Mannheim ballet director Stephan Thoss.

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