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Theater Ulm


Theater Ulm


23 October 2015


Ezio Bosso, Steve Reich, Ólafur Arnalds


Giuseppe Spota

They belong together: performers, body artists, actors, acrobats…all under the same roof, all under the same headlights to deliver a breathtaking performance.

They are members of this entirely unique family: Circus! Wanderer in the name of art, traveling around the world.

They learn to be a member of a team, especially to truly and completely trust each other. But are they at the end of this process actually free from any emotional dispute? Free of feeling? Can they trust themselves at the high rope?

Every day the curtain has to open, always the imagination has to go on, indifferent what else may have happened. Problems do not count. Full concentration, total responsibility! You must not fall! Never, Not once.

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In addition to this imagery, also art-sporty dance with balloons to mainly minimal-music violin sounds, the very good Ulmer Compagnie presented a regular premiere: "Wanderers" by Giuseppe Spota. This Italian, highly decorated with the German theater prize "Faust", offers a very poetic as well as slapstick, so dancers as well as tender artistic choreography - also to mostly minimal music in the permanent reel of the band.

Spota sends almost a circus family into the manege, and above all a dreamy longing director who does not have everything under control: splendidly played by Lorenzo Angelini. People, dancers - yes, not equal sensations, but "Wanderers" has wit, yes, supra-regional class. Great cheers.

With the commitment of guest choreographer Spota, Ballettchef succeeded Scafati.

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