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Fonderia 39 - Aterballetto


09 May 2015


Jóhann Jóhannsson


Carlo Cerri

Human beings are in a continuous process of camouflaging from the inside to the outside changing the “colors of their being”.

We try to correlate ourselves to the world with a constant research in fitting a role in the best way. The conflict between the uniqueness of our EGO and the human quest for the right color to show and feel at the same time, are in a dialectical relationship without constant interruptions, but sudden changes.

But the real question is to understand how and when to let the other discover the real part of ourselves.

Is it not from ourselves that, after all, we are afraid to be unearthed, becoming easy prey? Just like it was mentioned by the philosopher Nietzsche “flee from ourselves, we are afraid of ourselves but we are too curious not to come back to ourselves every time”.

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