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Strehler Theater, Milano


7 June 2017


Joby Talbot


Carlo Cerri


Francesca Messori


OOOPStudio - Alessandro Grisendi

Perhaps now considered a distant ECO, the myth of Narcissus is now something much closer to us than we imagine.
Every young person and not in our society can be considered “hit” by a form of narcissism.
Thanks to the evolution of technology that has led us to grow between selfies, snapchats and social networks, today we are all much more concerned about appearing behind “profound beauty and perfection” instead of showing us for what we really are.

In the myth of Narcissus, the prophet Tiresia, predicted that Narcissus would have reached old age “if he had never known himself”. However, he referred to his reflection. How today’s young people have their relationship with their reflection? Are they ready to go out of their virtual frame? Or will we end up like Narcissus alone to praise and please ourselves ?!

Press conferences.

Domenico G.

13 June 2017
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Narcissus is split into a male and a female part, Eco is secondary, but important in the choreographic of the two very physical and rejected duets. The music is very narrative and well suited to the diegetic passages of the myth; It is often calm, but dance often reveals itself with sharp contrasts and strong accents.

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