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Tanz Mainz Staatstheater


Staatstheater Mainz


25 February 2015


Daniel Agema, Florian Schlechtriemen

The 14- to 30-year-olds are the first of the so-called digital natives, who have grown up with digital communication. The assertion that they are fundamentally different from generations before them. A distinctive sense of community characterizes them, both locally and globally.

Many have a strong self-awareness, are more tolerant, but also more narcissistic than others. They live in the here and now and grow up early. Communication is the highest good, everything that goes through a cable counts twice.

But studies show that the withdrawal provokes a similar symptom as a drug withdrawal. In Much Less are dancers under close scrutiny by the investigating choreographer, assisted by a DJ and a drummer.

Press conferences.


27 February 2015

Provides 65 minutes of appealing, touching, thoughtful tuning dance art of modern design.
The choreography combines elements of disco, techno, break street dance with classic-modern expressive dance and free forms - to a dense, dynamic tension ensemble performance.

Worth seeing.

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Personally, you can and should not miss this subject piece in the U17.

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