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MiR Dance Company Gelsenkirchen


Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen


25th January 2020


Sigur Ros, ATMO- Giulio Donati, Simone Donati


Thomas Ratzinger


Giuseppe Spota


Anna Chernomordik

In the great novel by Michael Ende, Momo, the city is invaded by the greyness of the cement of large buildings and has destroyed all the surrounding greenery. A real war on Nature. The novel written more than forty years ago imagined what for us today is considered a normality. It is the polluted and sick world in which we find ourselves living.

And it is this anxiety that is linked to the reflection on time that we are not using to improve the almost irreparable damage we have inflicted on Nature and therefore on ourselves. Unaware of wasting time. A time that can no longer turn back and so start making strong decisions and measures.
Each of us should play the role of Momo, deciding on how to use and invest his time for a common good.

I find that the novel can offer a contemporary view of the world and the period we are currently experiencing; in this continuous frenzy, we should perhaps stop for a moment and look around at the kind of evolution we have decided to undertake because this time will never be returned to us.

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